Obligatory “Welcome” Post

Greetings to one and all!  So, what’s going on with my site, you may ask?  To be honest, not a lot has been happening here for a while!  For those who don’t know me, a little site history may be in order.  I started this site close to 17 years ago with the sole purpose of creating an online forum-based archive of the ARSList e-mails that I was getting.  To put it in perspective, I was getting about 100-150 mails a day from that list!  So, with that many mails coming in and MS Outlook not handling searches very well, I wanted a method to search those mails easily.

I had already been working with a particular forum software package (WWThreads) for a while, even contributing some code to its base, so I landed on it.  At the time, it was written in Perl, so it was pretty easy for me to create an import function to pull directly from my Exchange account and load all the mails into the forum in conversation streams.  The forum is still up and running, though I do not update it regularly.  You can find it here: http://mattreinfeldt.com/forums

Why did I stop updating it?  Quite simply, lack of time!  WWThreads became UBB.threads and converted to PHP.  In the process, the entire backend was rewritten and structures modified.  My Perl scripts for loading the data no longer worked.  Exchange went through some updates back then, too, and I couldn’t find a good way to pull out the emails and maintain the relationships for the conversations.  Long story short, I was working long days at Remedy partner companies and didn’t find the time to keep up the site.  Sorry for that!

So, here we are ~17 years after I began working in the IT industry.  What I’m hoping to turn this site into is a more introspective look at things I’ve seen and learned in my various roles and the interactions I’ve had with my customers.  I recently moved from working with BMC’s Action Request System (Remedy) to ServiceNow.  For my friends in the Remedy world, I know this came as a surprise.  However, I’m very happy with the decision.  ServiceNow has something going for it that I’ve been looking for in the IT Service Management space for a while… innovation.  Let’s be clear… ITSM is ITSM, regardless of which vendor is selling it.  The ITIL definitions are straightforward and everyone’s data models and functionalities are very similar.  So, what set ServiceNow apart from the others in my mind?  The whole platform concept.

In all my roles, I saw IT struggling to integrate and conduct day-to-day operations with other business units: Legal, HR, Facilities, Security, to name a few.  Everyone, every group, had their own intake methods, their own processes, their own goals and metrics.  This made trying to do cross-unit work very challenging.  ServiceNow changes the game, quite honestly… lets everyone do their work in one platform, which allows for the data-sharing fro the get-go.  Anyway, I’m sure Ill talk more about that later, but, in general, I see SN as the company that is really trying to change HOW people do work in today’s workplace.  That, to me, is exciting!

So, what can we expect to see here on the site in the future?  More random musings about Service Management for sure… what else, I’m not sure yet.  I may do some recordings of SN functionality that I like and share it out for you all.  We’ll see!

Until then, take care!

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