Musings on Knowledge17

I’ve been attending Service Management conferences for quite some time now… I believe that my first one was in 1999, if I really feel like dating myself.  This year, I was able to attend ServiceNow’s Knowledge17 conference in Orlando, FL.  This is the third Knowledge conference I’ve been to (second time as an employee at ServiceNow).  I’ve got to be honest… this conference is really different.  It is customers helping customers… learning from each other, discussing common challenges, and helping come up with solutions to business challenges.

Sure, you’ll see that at other conferences, but what really makes Knowledge stand out for me is that you can truly feel that ServiceNow is putting customers first. Period!  While there will likely be lots of sales deals closed due to Knowledge, that is NOT the focus.  It is all about enabling the customers and prospects to network, share, and learn.

This year, I did not get to attend as many customer presentations as I would have liked, but I heard great things about them!  I also have heard wonderful feedback about the technical lab sessions and trainings that went on.  And this year was the first where ServiceNow had product-specific keynotes!  This is not a “ticketing tool”!  ServiceNow is a robust, cloud-based system for streamlining workflows in the workplace and transforming how you do work.  Nothing could have solidified that better than those keynotes showing the focus SN has on Customer Service ManagementHuman ResourcesSecurity Operations, and IT Business Management.

Honestly, that’s why I am working here.  The constant innovation and drive to solve our customers’ business issues, while always placing the customer first makes me excited for what we do.  Below I’ve included links to some of the keynotes and a tour of what the conference pavilion floor looked like!  Enjoy!

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