Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty

For some reason, my original post got deleted, so I’m writing it again.  One of the things I’m going to dogetting-nakedis share some of the sites and other materials that I find useful in my professional life.  In my career, I’ve worked as a low-level coder (Perl and C, primarily), an application developer, technical support, team lead, manager, and run global teams.  The one constant I’ve found is that I am perpetually learning.  To not do so would mean no chance of advancement or opportunity.

Recently, I took on the challenge of moving into pre-sales.  Presenting… giving demos… being the “go-to” person.  For me, this is something completely new.  I mean, I’ve given presentations, led meetings, driven customer workshops, etc., but pre-sales is a new beast for me.  Luckily, I’ve got a great team supporting me as I learn the ropes.

In addition to them, there are many great resources out there to help.  One of them is a book called, “Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty” by Patrick Lencioni.  Now, this book isn’t really about how to prepare for and give a demo.  What it is really about is listening to and learning from your customers.  I mean, let’s be honest here.  When one has been doing something for a long time, they begin to believe that they know it all, have the best plan, and cannot possibly be going down the wrong road.  Well, let’s talk reality.  Reality is, we cannot hope to make an impact on our customers and their business (in a positive way) until we understand them, their culture, and their processes.  That’s what this book works through.

I would recommend that anyone who works regularly with customers, whether it’s in sales or consulting… or in any other capacity, read through this book.  I actually have the e-book from Amazon and listened to it on Audible while driving between customer sites!  So, take a look, and let me know what you think of it!

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